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So what’s our story?

Mendx – Latin word meaning “a storyteller.” 

In its simplest form, we are a team of storytellers. 

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There has been study after study that proves that our brains have been wired to respond to stories. We love it, we crave it. So here at Mendx, we tell stories. We tell stories through video in a way that engages those that watch them and compels them to take the actions our clients are looking for.

Making his first movie at seven years old, Justin Snyder, our Founder, has always had a fascination and passion for telling stories. Having a special needs younger brother who had difficulty communicating, Justin saw the power and impact that watching movies had on his brother which inspired him to create content that he and his brother could share and enjoy together. That passion transferred to his video career and his absolute relentless attitude towards creating quality video has been what has driven Mendx Studios to be what it is today with awards not only at the local level, but also at a regional level alongside some amazing brands like Netflix, Disney, Universal Studios, McDonalds, and Caribbean Tourism 

To ensure excellence, our team has been trained by and worked with some of the best visual storytellers in the business, including Shane Hurbult (Act of Valor and Terminator Salvation) Alex Buono (Saturday Night Live Shorts), and Wade K. Ramsey, Jr (Red Runs the River, The Printing) a world renowned cinematographer for over fifty years.

In 2019, with a desire to expand our capabilities and offer an extended set of services, we approached Rock Paper Simple about joining forces and in March of 2020 we were acquired and joined the Rock Paper Simple family! This has not only given us more resources to continue to serve our clients, but given us access to a full service agency to enhance what we are already doing through strong results driven marketing strategies, capabilities, and platforms

We look forward to telling your story.

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