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Most importantly though, we allow you to tell your story whether that be for a business, corporate commercial, live event, movie, or TV show. It’s our goal to create something so amazing for you that your expectations are blown out of the water. We create impactful videos that create results for you by speaking to and moving your target audience to action.

We’ve come a long way and are constantly pushing ourselves to be better storytellers for you. In fact, we’ve grown so much over the past couple years, we grew right out of our name!

Why? Why is one of the most important questions to ask in life? Why helps us understand the reasoning or philosophy behind something. For us at Mendx Studios, that Why is STORY.

There has been study after study that proves that our brains have been wired to respond to stories. We love it, we crave it.

So what’s our story? Well, Mendx Studios was created around—you guessed it—story. Our team has been trained by and worked with some of the best visual storytellers in the business, including Shane Hurbult who did Act of Valor and Terminator Salvation, and Alex Buono who’s the DP on Saturday night or Wade K. Ramsey, Jr a world renowned cinematographer for over fifty years. Not to mention winning over 20 awards just over the past two years with the American Advertising Federation alongside some amazing brands like Netflix, Disney, Universal Studios, McDonalds, and Caribbean Tourism. So yeah, we know what we’re doing and we are good at it.

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